1: Our business language is English, kindly use english once you communicate with us so as to create awareness in terms of business.

2.Once customers visit our Office for purchasing procedures are not allowed to pay Cash money into the office to any staff. all payments should be under the wire transfer on the bank or Visa/Mastercard.

3.A customer should sign the purchasing agreements in order to create a good business environment.


4.The vehicle may take 30 to 45 days of shipping depends on the Loading port.


5.Once there are delays due to natural desert ie. Storms, Communicable Diseases, or any uncontrolled Circumstances. The office shall communicate with customers directly to notice the situation.


6.The payment which should make to the company for purchasing a car should not be below 50% of the value given for Car.

And the payment should be completed within 21 days of the business agreement.

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