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    Search the vehicle you would like to purchase. Or meet our professional Team at the office to get suport of get quality vehicle. Once You select/Get your desired Car, ask Inquiry for an Invoice so as you can Pay theough Official Company's Account. Once you request Proforma Invoice you'll also receive a Purchasing agreements. That you can read a term and Conditions of our Business and keep well business surrounding between parties.

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    Kindly please, Once you aprove to receive a Proforma Invoice, You can make a payment through your Closer Bank. Once payment done, you may scan a TT and send to our Office as well as other documents which need to be verified by our Company. FAST AUTO CAR HUB will confirm the proof of your payments.

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    Once the payment reflected into the purchasing Account, you will receive a notification and schedule of Shipping for delivery of your new Car/s. Once the shipping schedule has been confirmed, Fast Auto Car Hub with ship your vehicle/s well as send your Bills of Lading Documents to your Confirmed Adress Via DHL or FEDEx.

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    Receive your vehicle through agreed destination port. Fast Auto Car Hub will assist your during Port Clearing services as well delivery process. Enjoy Your New Car from Fast Auto Car Hub Limited and Get Proud with us.